T.S.M. Limited is a Unionized Mechanical Contractor specializing in H.V.A.C. and Mechanical systems for commercial and industrial environments. Our expertise has enabled us to treat all large-scale jobs with small details in mind to provide clients with attention to the individual specifications that each business needs. We’ve worked with countless businesses to provide renovations for targeting improvement and custom builds from the ground up.

T.S.M. Limited has had the pleasure of serving Lambton County since 1985. The company provides exceptional workmanship and quality installations by utilizing a skilled labour force that have been professionally trained. We utilize high-quality materials with their corresponding applications to give you a long-standing finished product. Need help on an existing system? We’re happy to help with our analysis process. We can even create custom equipment. Among the services offered are bid specific projects, design build projects, and custom manufacturing.

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Bid Spec

With the knowledge refined through years of service and high-tech computer estimating software, T.S.M. can give you the best value with competitive pricing and high-quality services in HVAC, mechanical, and fabrication works. Our experience includes all kinds of projects, both large-scale and small-scale. We’ve worked in the areas of commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and institutional and recreational facilities to enhance the specific needs to create a strong backbone for your business. We do this with our skilled work force and knowledgeable professionals.

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Design Build

T.S.M. Limited is also able to provide services in design build by joining the forces of our in-house engineering team and local engineers. Our decades of H.V.A.C and mechanical industry practice gives us exceptional design build expertise to add to our full range of services.

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With T.S.M. Limited, you’ll never have to wait on a third party to deliver the implements your job needs. Through custom fabrication, we have the capability to manufacture and assemble custom equipment for the H.V.A.C. industry. We have previously created air handling units, packaged rooftop units, unit heaters, fan boxes, filter boxes, fans, and more. Whatever your building needs, we can achieve it. We have the capability to cut complex shapes with the use of our high-tech plasma cutter. Products can be fashioned from aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, carbon steel, and stainless steel.

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If you have problems with your existing H.V.A.C. system, T.S.M. Limited can provide you with an analysis of your current system by carefully inspecting the design and provide engineering reports. Using this system analysis, we can then correct the heating and air conditioning delivery methods to maximize the content and quality of your air circulation for improved results. You’ll get a custom job for your custom needs.

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Plumbing &
Pipe Fitting

Working with a full range of materials and the proper corresponding welds, T.S.M. Limited can address all your plumbing and pipe fitting needs. From small bathroom rough-ins to a design build for a factory, we have the professional skills to handle any mechanical job. Get your fluids flowing in the right direction with our skilled company for your next build job.

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With the increase in demand for metal siding, trust T.S.M. Limited for a design and build that will last for years to come. Choices range in colour and material to add dimension and style to your project while giving the function of protection from the elements. There are options for corrugated, standing seam, and flat panels. Our sheet metal installers come from trusted unions for the upmost professional experience.

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