Nova P.A. CCR Project

        As part of the lab and control room upgrade we installed two owner supplied Make Up Air Units.

        We supplied and installed 3 new steam re-heat coils including all piping and controls.

        The owner also supplied 1 steam to steam humidifier which was installed in a custom built cabinet.

        Fabricated and installed a new exhaust stack for the laboratory fume hood.


Nova St. Clair Central Control Room

        The scope of this project was to install the owner supplied custom built air handling unit and connect an existing condenser.

        In addition we had to fabricate and install new ductwork including spiral supply and return branches across the roof.

        Custom built supports we required for the ductwork on the roof to avoid interferences with existing equipment and structures.  Each support was fabricated in our shop and sand blasted and painted by a subcontractor.

        A crane was required to install all of the ductwork on the roof.


Nova Corunna Central Control Room

        The existing systems serving the Central Control Room were to remain and be modified.

        This project required new ceilings and architectural work in many of the areas which we were required to provide.

        The existing H.V.A.C. system consisted of two Air Handling Units in the mechanical room.  These units were modified to add 2 new pressurization fans and a large plenum was installed to accommodate a new electric heating coil.

        4 steam humidifiers were installed throughout the offices including piping and condensate drains.

        5 new hot water re-heat coils and 10 new by-pass boxes were installed in order to provide proper zone control.

        2 new fan coil units were purchased and mounted in the ceiling space to serve two renovated areas.


Nova Ethyl Benzene Control Room

        This project involved the extension and renovation of an existing building.

        Heating and cooling was provided by a custom built 15 ton air handling unit with a remote air cooled condenser.

        Installed steam and condensate piping for the air handler and humidifier.

        We supplied and installed 5 electric re-heat coils for zone control.