Imperial Oil Complex B Blast Protection

        As part of Imperial Oils preparation for their new Co-generation Facility the control room in Complex C was being integrated into Complex B and the entire building was renovated.

        All existing services in the building were removed; however the existing control room remained operational during the entire project.

        The mechanical scope of work included H.V.A.C., plumbing, drainage, controls, and sanitary piping.

        We supplied and installed four custom built air handling units complete with hot water heating coils, cooling coils, humidifiers, two stages of carbon filter sections, and two stages of pre-filter sections.

        Silencers were installed on both the supply and return ductwork for each unit.

        The cooling was provided by a 70 ton helical rotary chiller which we supplied and installed.

        To provide proper zone control 13 hot water re-heat coils were installed.

        Approximately 26,000 lbs. of ductwork were estimated on this project.

        We supplied and installed the pumps and valves included in the heat transfer packages.


Imperial Oil U to A Migration

        As an additional part of the preparation for the Co-Generation Plant the control room in Complex U was moved to Complex A.

        The existing control room in Complex A remained operational throughout the renovations.

        9 new hot water reheat coils and 1 new electric reheat coil were installed in the new ductwork serving the first floor of the complex.

        The existing hot water heating system was removed and all new piping was installed.

        A new locker room was added including urinals, toilets, and showers.


Imperial Oil Esso Area 3 Locker Facility

        This project involved providing Mechanical and H.V.A.C. systems for a new locker facility.

        We were required to supply and install 4 large hot water heaters to serve the new locker area.

        We also supplied and installed all of the shower and washroom fixtures.

        The building was heated and cooled by three split systems.

        In order to meet the fresh air requirements for offices a stand alone ERV unit was installed.

        The washrooms and lockers also required three exhaust fans.


Imperial Oil Research Building H.V.A.C. Upgrade

        Over the course of several projects the entire building H.V.A.C. system was upgraded.

        The existing air handling equipment the bulk of which was in the basement mechanical room had to be demolished.

        The equipment had to be dismantled into pieces in order to be removed from the building.

        The new custom built air handlers had to be assembled inside the mechanical room.

        We supplied and piped new Chillers for the air conditioning of the building.

        Several of the spaces that were modified were laboratories.  We installed stainless steel fume exhaust ductwork, new fume hoods, new fume arms, and some new dust collectors.

        New wall fin radiation heat was required as well as new ductwork.