Dupont Line #2 Ductwork Replacement & Removal

        Removed existing ductwork for process line #2 on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor.

        Fabricated and installed new fully welded galvanized round ductwork.


Dupont VAMAC Ventilation Modifications

        This project was to ventilate and exhaust the new VAMAC blending process.

        We fabricated and installed fully welded stainless steel duct and galvanized duct complete with van stone flanges.

        In addition we fabricated a new 5ft x 5ft fume hood complete with plastic curtain and blast gates.


Dupont VAMAC Project

        As part of the VAMAC process line installation the existing air distribution system was modified and a new process exhaust system was installed.

        The existing H.V.A.C. system was modified to increase the capacity by installing an owner supplied motor into the existing H.V.A.C. unit.

        We fabricated and installed new galvanized ductwork and balanced the system.

        The process exhaust duct involved fabricating and installing new fully welded stainless steel ductwork, new fume arms, and exhaust hoods.

        The owner supplied Kinetrol Actuators which we installed.

        We also had to supply and install heavy duty flex connectors on the new equipment.


Dupont Demarcation Maintenance Shop

        The H.V.A.C. systems for the 1st and 2nd floor maintenance offices were modified.

        A fresh air mixing plenum was fabricated and installed on the existing units and the units were retrofitted with hot gas bypass.

        New structural platforms were required to support the units.