Dow ESI Warehouse Expansion

        This project involved the installation of one 3.5 ton packaged rooftop unit and one 10 ton packaged rooftop unit.

        We also supplied and installed eleven 200,000 Btu/h steam unit heaters.

        The Mechanical Scope involved installing plumbing, hot water heaters, and lavatories.


Dow Switchgear & Deluge Building

        Our scope of work was to supply and install one 40 ton cooling only unit mounted on grade.

        Later our scope was revised to supply and install an electric heating coil in the above unit.

        The deluge buildings required a 5KW electric heater in both buildings.


Dow Plant 52 Lab Ventilation Modifications

        We fabricated and installed stainless steel fume exhaust ductwork for two fume hoods.

        The existing exhaust fan was relocated and a new motor was installed.

        In order to balance the exhaust air increase the existing Make Up Air unit was modified to suit.

        The owner supplied a new fume hood which we installed.


Dow Plant 104 Epoxy Bagger Building

        This project required the supply and installation of an 18,000 cfm Make Up Air Unit with a steam coil.

        We were also required to supply control wiring for the steam control valves, freeze stat, discharge air stat, and room stat.

        We fabricated and installed an air distribution system complete with grilles, registers, and diffusers.


Dow Plant 52 Control Room and Locker Room

        Our scope of work involved demolishing the existing H.V.A.C. systems in the control room and locker room.

        We supplied a 3 ton packaged unit complete with an HRV and an electric heater for the locker room and washrooms.

        For the control room and the rest of the building we installed an 18 ton packaged unit with an electric heater.

        In order to control the different zones associated with the 18 ton unit, we installed 7 electric reheat coils.

        In the laboratory we had to replace 1700 cfm of air that was being exhausted by the fume hoods.  We installed a supply air fan with an electric heater downstream.

        To control the humidity levels we installed a steam injection humidifier.

        For the locker room we provided abs piping and plumbing fixtures.